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2017/18 Season Ticket FAQs

How do I purchase my 2017/18 Season Ticket?

  • Online: By visiting warriors.co.uk/seasontickets
  • By Phone: Call the Ticket Office on 01905 459309 to discuss your options.
  • In Person: Visit the Ticket Office and have a chance to check out the view from your seat. The Warriors Ticket Office is open Monday-Friday 9:30am-4:30pm.
Please note the Warriors Ticket Office can be busy at peak times during the Season Ticket renewals period. If you cannot get through to the Warriors Ticket Office, please leave a single answer phone message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

When do I need to renew by?

  • Renew on or before Friday 16th June 2017 to guarantee your seat at the Early Bird price. Any Season Ticket purchase made after this date will be charged at Full Price and your existing Season Ticket seat will not be guaranteed.

Can I relocate or upgrade my existing seat/ticket?

  • Yes, you can discuss your relocation and/or upgrade with the Warriors Ticket Office in person or by phone.
  • If the seat you would like to relocate to is already reserved to an existing Season Ticket holder, you will be contacted by the Ticket Office after the Early Bird deadline to notify you of its availability.

I have lost this season’s Season Ticket,
what do I do?

  • All Season Ticket holders will be issued a new Season Ticket swipe card ahead of the 2017/18 season.

How do I pay by Direct Debit?

  • For an easier way to pay you can spread the cost of your 2017/18 Season Ticket over 11 months.  The total amount payable will be spread from July 2017 until May 2018.
  • To pay via Direct Debit you must purchase your 2017/18 Season Ticket on or before Friday 16th June 2017.
  • You can buy your Season Ticket via Direct Debit online, in person or by phone.

Will I be charged a booking fee?

  • Yes, all 2017/18 Season Tickets will be charged a £3 booking fee.

Do Grandfather Rights still apply?

  • Yes, if you have Grandfather Rights against your Season Ticket these will still apply when renewing your 2017/18 Season Ticket.

Can I purchase tickets for my friends
and family?

  • Introduce Friends and Family and save on your own Season Ticket – For every Season Ticket holder you introduce you will save 25% on your own 2017/18 Season Ticket – introduce four friends and get your Season Ticket for FREE! Contact the Ticket Office for more information.
  • This offer can only be purchased by visiting the Warriors Ticket Office with completed application forms for yourself and your friend/s.
  • This offer can only be redeemed at the time of renewing your 2017/18 Season Ticket and cannot be applied retrospectively.
  • This offer is only available to 2016/17 Season Ticket holders.
Please note this cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

How do I purchase an Over 65, or Young Adult Season Ticket?

  • These categories can only be purchased by coming in person to the Warriors Ticket Office.
  • Proof of age must be provided with a completed Season Ticket application form
  • Proof of age includes a passport, driving licence or birth certificate.

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